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I am currently an Instructor of Biology at Ball State University.  My background is diverse and includes; fisheries management, ecology, water quality, environmental statistics, ecological modeling, and computer programming. I am currently involved in a variety of research projects studying freshwater fishes to evaluate biotic and abiotic variables influencing these organisms at the population and community level. I am particularly interested in applying Bayesian inference to models describing these relationships. My current projects are focused on comparing results of Bayesian and frequentist inference of many standard fisheries models including; maturity, mortality, and gear detectability.

The preferred software for all my data analysis and visualization needs is the open source R programming language. I am working on an introductory tutorial for R targeted to environmental scientists. They will be posted on this website when ready so check back soon! For conducting Bayesian inference I typically use JAGS implemented through R. Although, OpenBUGS, WinBUGS, and STAN work equally as well.

When I'm not in the field collecting data, in the lab analyzing data, or working on reports, I operate a private consulting company, Fish Pro. Fish Pro offers a full line of pond management services from stocking fish and aquatic vegetation management to fountain and aerator installation and maintenance. If you reached this site while looking for Fish Pro please visit

Applying rotenone during a fisheries renovation.
          Two largemouth bass from Prairie Creek Reservoir