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I am currently a Doctoral student in the Environmental Science Ph.D. Program at Ball State University.  My background is diverse and includes; fisheries management, ecology, water quality, environmental statistics, ecological modeling, and computer programming. I am currently involved in a variety of research projects studying freshwater fishes to evaluate biotic and abiotic variables influencing these organisms at the population and community level. I am particularly interested in applying Bayesian inference to models describing these relationships. My current projects are focused on comparing results of Bayesian and frequentist inference of many standard fisheries models including; maturity, mortality, and gear detectability.

The preferred software for all my data analysis and visualization needs is the open source R programming language. I am working on an introductory tutorial for R targeted to environmental scientists. They will be posted on this website when ready so check back soon! For conducting Bayesian inference I typically use JAGS implemented through R. Although, OpenBUGS, WinBUGS, and STAN work equally as well.

Applying rotenone during a fisheries renovation.
          Two largemouth bass from Prairie Creek Reservoir